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Tom's Morning Magic Blend

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  • 100% gratitude
  • 100% of all net profit will support our Veterans and their families

All net profit will support those who serve

What this means

A word from Tom

All products will support those who served America—past, and present—on active duty, as Veterans, and their families. By choosing our coffee, you help support those who chose to commit their time and efforts in defense of our liberties for the good cause that is the American Way. Every penny of net profit says "thank you" to them. We owe them our gratitude, eh?

Official correspondence
From Tom Hanks, himself

About Tom's Blend

About Tom's Blend

“I get out of bed as fast as possible to speed my first cup of morning coffee. That elixir has to be just right, and after many years and many methods of boiling, brewing and pressing, I’ve nailed the taste and the potency of my much needed java-joe. Not only the coffee, but the bit of malt and the ideal amount of milk. Savory and lightly sweet is my coffee - hearty, rewarding, over a campfire or at the counter of a diner off a two-lane. I recommend taking my special brew 2/3rds Hanx, 1/3rd hot milk. Don’t need sugar because you are sweet enough. Ahhhhh…"

– Hanx

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